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At Lakeville Roofing we know that your home is what keeps you protected from everything outside. Keeping the weather at bay is what keeps you warm and dry while you enjoy the simple pleasures of living at home. But when there is damage to your roof and that protection isn’t there, life can turn into a nightmare. Whatever the reason for the damage to the roof of your home or business is, we can help you to get it repaired.

Our team of qualified technicians have all the skills and expertise needed to restore the protection of your home once again.

About Lakeville Roofing

Lakeville Roofing is an all round roofing service, we have spent many years building our skills and methods so that we can bring a consistent level of quality to our customers. We have spent many years and a huge amount of money reinvesting into our business, we know that every improvement means we can do our job better and charge less for it to our customers, benefiting everyone as we grow as a business. Our company mantra is to bring the best, most affordable service to our customers with a smile.

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Roofing Services

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There are many roofing companies out there that specialise in one thing yet still attempt to branch out without having the right skillset or tools needed to make sure the job is done properly. Thats why we work so hard to make sure that everything we offer to our customers, we are confident knowing that we can bring our incredible quality to them while doing it. Everything that we offer has been developed over many years and its safe to say that you’ll struggle to find a team that can get the job done better somewhere else.

Residential Roofing
Commercial Roofing
Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing

Building your own home is an exciting process but it can also be stressful if you aren’t entirely sure how the process goes. Our team have been building roofs for decades, so we know all there is to know about the design, planning and construction of residential roofs and can walk you through the process. Let us help you pick out your new roof for your new home and be prepared to be amazed at the results.

Commercial Roofing

Your business needs to be protected by the best; without a fully secure and safe roof you can find yourself losing huge amounts of money as your workers aren’t able to enter the building until its ready. We have been making commercial roofs for longer than we can remember and can be sure to build the roof you need to the standards you want. Let our planning and engineering team take over for you and get the perfect roof for your building ready to go for our incredible construction team to build it for you.

Roof Replacement

Has your roof seen better days? If it’s starting to show the classic signs of aging, along with all those nasty leaks that are slowly rotting away your home, it is definitely time to upgrade and replace your roof. We can help to come up with the design of the new roof and give your whole home a much needed facelift with materials suited to its environment and design.

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Roof Repair
Storm Damage Restoration
Roofing Insurance Claims

Roof Repair

Any damage that happens to your roof may start off as small but it doesn’t take much for it to grow into a very big problem. Don’t let a small leak ruin your whole home, a quick call to our specialists is all it takes to organize an inspection of your roof that will have us finding out any issues in your roof and repairing them on the spot. We have all the tools needed to detect almost any issue with your roof and can be sure to have them repaired for the lowest amount of hassle possible.

Storm Damage Claims

Storms can very quickly go from bad to worse and cause incredible damage to a home in just minutes. If your home has gone through a storm that has cause all kinds of damage, make sure you call the people that know what they’re doing when it comes to storm damage repairs. We can even handle the claims to your insurance company so that all you have to worry about is getting on the phone with us, then the rest is taken care of.

Roofing Insurance Claims

When something goes wrong with your roof, whether its damaged caused by the neighbor's tree falling on it or just old age that has caused the damage, your insurance should cover it for you. We can help you to submit your claim to the insurance company and perform all the repairs, streamlining the process so you can enjoy a safe home quicker than ever.

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Contact Us Today

Whether you’re building a new roof, repairing an old one or just looking to get a quote on some maintenance, make sure you give us a call to find out more! Head over to our contact page to find our service number that you can call to speak with us, or you can send us an email with all the info you have or need and one of our customer service representatives will get back to you straight away!

“My roof was starting to leak after a nasty storm, the team at Plymouth Roofing were quick to come and repair it for me so I could stop worrying about it, they were incredibly efficient and had it fixed in no time.”  - Jeffrey S.

“My business was upsizing and I needed some renovations done to my building to accommodate the expansion. Plymouth Roofing took care of the roofing works and they did an incredible job at helping me lock down a design and pick out the materials, roof is still performing perfectly.” - Jim H.

“I just bought an older house and the roof was one of the first things to go. Plymouth Roofing took care of the whole project, from removing the old roof to installing the new one, now it looks great!” - Andrea F.

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We provide roofing services for the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, including: Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Edina, Lakeville, Maple Grove, Plymouth and Woodbury.