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Roofing Insurance Claims

professional roofing insurance claim service

We are here to help with your roofing insurance claims when the worst has come and your roof is no longer above your head but is letting in all the weather it’s supposed to protect you from, you need to get onto the repairs as soon as you can. Unfortunately roof repairs aren’t free, and as affordable as our service is, if you’ve had a tight month you may find yourself in a sticky situation. That’s what insurance is for, to help you when disaster strikes so you don’t have to be out of pocket getting the repairs done, but organizing and coordinating your insurance company to process a claim can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. We have had years of experience dealing with insurance companies and know how to get the claim processed quickly.

Commercial or Residential

Even if the two roofs were built in the exact same way, the process of filing a claim for a residential or commercial roof can be completely different. Because the application is for a business entity the insurance claim for a commercial roof tends to be much more lengthy and involved, and can leave you waiting for far too long to hear back from your insurance company. We can start repairs and construction while your claim is being processed once we assess that your insurance company will definitely be paying out, so you don’t have to wait around for the final green light while your factory or office gets more and more dangerous to be in.


Insurance companies are all about paperwork. In order to file an insurance claim you may feel like you’re signing your life away with all the paperwork you have to sign. Once the claim is submitted thats definitely not the end of the paperwork, it is then the contractors turn to make sure the damage and repairs are properly documented to show that the work was carried out properly. Sometimes when this documentation isn’t done properly the claim itself can get rejected after the work has been completed, which is why we make sure to put our best effort into making sure that the repairs are documented accurately through the whole process so that the claim is processed properly without issue.

Insurance Companies

We know how painful it can be calling your insurance company, getting stuck on the phone for hours listening to horrible hold music and having to answer the same questions over and over again. We take the stress out of your claim for you, we take care of everything for you so you just need to be involved in the important parts and not waste your time dealing with the rest.

Roof and Repair Construction

Once your insurance claim is underway we can get started repairing your roof as quickly as possible, we want to make sure you aren’t left without a roof over your head during this process, so we will do our best to do temporary patch ups while we prepare for the rest of the repairs and construction.

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