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Roof Repair

professional roof repair service

Roof repair is the last thing you want to think of but you’re at home watching the clouds get darker and darker, the rain getting heavier and the wind starting to really pick up. Most storms roll past and you don’t notice but sometimes you can tell when its going to be a big storm and you get a bit nervous. That sinking feeling when you hear noises that shouldn’t happen on your roof are what let you know that something is wrong and you need to call a professional. Any damage to your roof, whether its from a storm, falling tree or just old age, when left unattended can cause big headaches for you down the line. We know these issues because we’ve seen them first hand, when your roof lets in water that it shouldn’t you can get all sorts of issues from mold to weakened structural support through your home. We can come and repair these issues so that you don’t have to worry about your roof anymore.

Affordable Roofing

The biggest concern people have when there is damage to their roof is always the price. Its always important to remember that the longer you put off your repairs the more expensive the repairs will be though. Thankfully, Plymouth Roofing brings a more affordable solution to their customers, allowing them to access repairs to their roof without having that horrible knot in their stomach as they panic about how much the repairs will cost.

Emergency Repairs

When unexpected damage happens in the middle of the night, sometimes the repairs just can’t wait until the morning. When you need help fast, you can trust in the experts that specialize in emergency repairs. Our team are fully equipped to deal with any emergency at any hour of the day or night. We have everything ready to go so we can drop everything and come straight to your home to get your roof fixed. If we can’t fix it on the spot, we can at least help stabilize the problem so it won’t get any worse while we wait for morning to get started with the proper repairs.

Roof Leak Repair

A pesky leak may not seem like a big deal at the time, but even a small amount of water can start developing mold in your ceiling and walls that will spread right through your home, sometimes only in a matter of days! If you’ve noticed spots on your walls where the wall is drooping or colors are changing, this could mean that you have a leak that needs repairing.

Roof Maintenance

There are so many things that can go wrong with your roof that you may not be prepared for. Its impossible to be able to check for them all on your own, and people simply don’t have the time to look after their own roofs on a regular basis. We can offer scheduled inspections and maintenance to make sure that everything on your roof is as it should be, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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