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Residential Roofing

affordable residential roofing service

We are here for your Residential Roofing needs! Your roof is the main piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing your home, without a roof, or at least a fully functioning one, you can feel very exposed and unsafe. When you’re building or replacing your roof make sure that it’s going to be built to the right standard so you can be certain you’ll feel safe and protected through all the elements beneath it. Plymouth Roofing can take care of all your roofing needs and make sure you have a roof that suits your needs perfectly.


The first step to a successful roofing build is to make sure that every aspect has been planned for ahead of time. The last thing we want and you need is to find out on the day of installation that we don’t have enough material to complete the job before a storm comes through and ruins the inside of your home. We have a full drafting team that can help to design, plan and execute your roofing project so that everything goes exactly according to the bulletproof plan we have designed. Don’t let your contractor let you down with a poorly planned roofing construction, let us take care of it all for you and be amazed at how smoothly the process goes!


The materials used in the construction of your roof are extremely important, but unfortunately there isn’t one solution that fits everyone. We go through a rigorous process to work out exactly what building material suits your home, from checking previous weather data to studying the planned shape of your roof to make sure that every aspect is thought of and planned for. We can help you decide the right materials for your roof so that its exactly what you want and what you need, your roof should not only look fantastic on your house, but it should help maintain the temperature and withstand whatever mother nature throws at it.


Just because a roof looks finished doesn’t mean it is perfectly zipped up tight. When we finish the construction of your new roof, the project isn’t done until the whole thing has been inspected and tested thoroughly. We do full inspections to make sure there are no gaps that we have missed, and that the roof is entirely waterproof and sealed up so that there is no excess heat escaping from your roof.

Solar Panels

Now more than ever solar technology is becoming more affordable and more popular, we are seeing a trend in a lot of our customers installing solar panels on their roofs and are able to help set up the structure to make sure your solar panels are in the right spot and are safe and secure on top of your roof. If you plan on installing solar panels on your roof in the future, make sure you let us know so we can help plan for them so your roof is ideal for solar power.

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